NGK Spark Plugs Canada Limited is pleased to announce the addition of the new "Platinum" Certification to its existing NGK PlugPro program. The new level was released on October 1, 2008 as an E-Learning platform located at

The NGK PlugPro program is designed to educate the user on Spark Plugs, Ignition Wire Sets and Oxygen Sensors and related industry issues.

Topics that will be covered are:

  1. Industry-related problems, and how to solve them.
  2. The key features of Spark Plugs, Ignition Wire Sets and Oxygen Sensors.
  3. Basic functions of Spark Plugs, Ignition Wire Sets and Oxygen Sensors.
  4. Why specially designed products have to be used and the benefits they provide.
  5. Understanding product specifications.
  6. Performance applications and how to choose the correct product.

This new program will offer an additional level of certification (i.e., "Platinum") in each of the following areas – Spark Plugs, Ignition Wire Sets and O2 Sensors.

Benefits of being NGK PlugPro certified:

  • The ability to better serve your customer through your increased product knowledge and industry knowledge.
  • Certification that sets you apart from your fellow employees, peers and competitors.
  • You can contribute to fewer customer returns and complaints.
  • Increased store traffic through the recommendation by NGK Spark Plugs Canada Limited as your location to purchase NGK products as they are requested through our website by an installer or consumer (in your area).
  • The ability to purchase NGK premiums and point of purchase material at a discounted rate to NGK PlugPro members.
  • Win Premiums though special promotions available only to certified NGK PlugPro members.

NGK PlugPro members will also be eligible for various draws and prizes on an on-going basis.

SIGN UP TODAY at, or contact your local NGK/NTK District Manager for details.